The Colors of Home Staging

When you first think of home staging do you think of a stark model home? In the past model homes were left mostly empty and mostly white. The thought of the interior design being bland was that it better allowed potential home buyers to see their lives in the space. However today that ideal has shifted to creating specific emotions using color vs a cold stark feeling.

It is scientifically proven that colors evoke certain emotions. The use of color can completely mold the way a buyer feels as they tour a home for sale. For instance, “dark shades of blue can make viewers feel lonely and detached. Light shades of blue have a calming effect and also signal dependability,” according to

With that being said when we stage a Charleston home we are mindful of color We are mindful in our color selections as well as the placement and the usage. You don’t want to bombard a home buyer with a plethora of color, or a color they don’t love, BUT you don’t want them to step in and feel like the home is stark- resulting in a feeling of coldness towards the space.

While we don’t want white on white on white we do encourage a neutral pallet to start from. Remove any blacks or bold colors that are showcased in big ways (think walls and sofas) and warm up any stark whites. You want soft, warm, beiges and tans as your starting point. From there it’s time to sprinkle in complimentary pops of color that set the emotional tone for potential buyers. You’ll notice in many of our staging picturesPortfolio fun pops of color with art work, florals, vases, accent chairs and ottomans or mirrors.

Charleston Home Staging

Staging Charleston
These small details can make a big impact. Really want to set the mood? Painting your front door a welcoming complimentary color can have a great impact on a buyer.

Color placement is also very valuable tool in staging a home. Color can shrink rooms or make rooms look much larger, color can elevate a ceiling, it can add depth to rooms and so much more. Bright white trim in a warmer room can make the room pop more than a lighter color. Changes don’t always have to be drastic to make a big impact.

At Staging Charleston we go over every detail of your home. We consider your goals, your budget, your time (What do you want to conquer? What do you want us to handle?) and the style of your home. We work hand-in-hand with you to create the perfect stage for your property to get you the best selling result: maximum offer and least days on market! 

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