Why Staging Outside Spaces is Important

We often discuss staging your home for sale in the Charleston market, how to update your home, paint colors, ways to organize, etc; but what about the outside of your home? Staging Charleston also stages your outdoor spaces when we work with your property.

Robert Johnson, the founder of Sawinery, states that “curb appeal is an essential part that creates value in a home. The reason curb appeal is so important isn’t so much how much money you put into the property. But is what is done and the perceived value that you can create on that property. Truth be told, you could spend a ton of money redoing everything but at the end of the day what we want to do is create something that is enticing, something that’s inviting, and something that will make the people see the property with much potential and beauty. Because it will appeal to them”.

Curb appeal refers to the appeal, or enticement, a home has from the front (or main road). Think about doing a drive around a neighborhood and what houses you see that you think “that’s a pretty house”. It’s not just about what you see in the structure of the actual home, it’s also about the landscape, the color pallet, the front walk and entrance. When we stage a home while our focus is on manicuring the inside to allow potential home buyers to see the full potential of your home we also take into consideration your outside spaces and curb appeal.

Staging the outside of your home can be particularly important in the Charleston area. Many homes we stage their big selling points are the outside spaces. The beautiful pool areas, hot tubs, outside kitchens and dining spaces, waterfront views, decks and even docks. All these areas have big potential in the deciding factors of selling a home here in the lowcountry.

Staging Charleston pool deck

“About 75% of sellers see an ROI of 5% to 15% over the asking price when they choose to stage their homes professionally before they put them up for sale. Investing 1.3% in staging results in a 7.1% average over-list return, according to a 2021 survey.” – ArchitechtualDigest.com.

What are some of the things we work on when staging outdoor spaces at our Staging Charleston properties? We take much the same approach to outside as we do the inside of a home. We aim for clean, modern, minimalistic furniture and seating. You don’t want old cushions, dirty or mismatched furniture. You also don’t want a space without any seating or furniture. If you have a large pool we want to draw attention to the capacity- ie. lounge chairs. We focus on colors that accentuate the home’s exterior and add pops of color to visually enhance spaces, angles and views. Pots and planters, outdoor rugs, throw pillows are all great ways to easily liven up an outdoor area quickly. We will also disucss things you can do to refresh outdoor spaces before we begin staging such as pressure washing, pool maintenance, landscaping and other easy DIY touches to get the ball rolling.

Staging Charleston

Interested in having your home staged to sell in the greater Charleston area? Reach out! We would love to get you the most from your home selling journey!

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