The Perfect Pair: Staging+Spring Cleaning

Are you thinking of listing your Charleston area home this summer? It’s no secret staging increases selling value and decreases time on the market- no matter what type of housing market we are in!

Why not get a head start and dive into some beneficial pre-staging spring cleaning?

Staging Charleston has two main to-dos that will help increase your home’s likability on the market as well as increase the staging power of our team’s time, in result saving you some of your budget.

Who doesn’t like to save time and money?!
See our top two tips to get a head start:

When you’re planning to stage your home and planning a move you need to invest more time into decluttering than throwing things into a drawer. This will help you when you begin to pack as well as when you unpack AND will help our Staging Charleston team really make your space reflect it’s full usability.

This is the Staging Charleston starting point when we stage a home in Charleston. If you have already organized, packed away and cleaned out your extra fluff and personal items this gives us a much easier jumping off point. It also helps us have a better visual for your space’s best angles, as home pictures are 95% of the appeal when buyers are shopping for homes.

Don’t ignore the little things. Touching up your homes aesthetic will go a long way in showcasing your space and making your home staging get the most bang for it’s buck.

At Staging Charleston we will direct you on a list of things we think will create the most value increase for your home sale. The more that is taken care of before we begin the quicker we can get you a successful, profitable, sale.

What are we looking for? Here are some ideas!

  • No holes or scuffs in/on the walls
  • Touch up paint where needed
  • Fresh baseboards and trim (either cleaned or painted)
  • Fresh doors, door knobs, handles (either cleaned, painted, or new)
  • Working lightbulbs
  • Work on any visible stains (carpet, furniture, counters)
  • Clean outlet covers or replace if needed

If you are finding yourself surrounded by loads of boxes, bins, totes and more we also strongly suggest the use of a storage unit or off-site pod. While it is an added expense it will make the most of Staging Charleston’s efforts as well as amp up your space’s appeal.

We understand not everyone wants to make this financial commitment (although temporary), our team will work with what we have and always work with the client’s preferences.

Want to go the additional step? Outside of staging the inside of your home spring is also a great time to spruce up your curb appeal if you really want to get ahead of the game and show ready for summer!

Ready to get moving (see what we did there? – Staging Charleston is armed and ready to get you to your next adventure!

Contact us to schedule a staging consult in the greater Charleston area today.

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